Blogging/posting to WordPress on a Mac?

Got a bit of problem if I decide next year to move to a Mac from my PC, which is slowly dying. There are really good alternatives to most of the software I use apart from Windows Live Writer which is used for blogging. This is an absolutely terrific piece of software, and much underrated in the press. Key features which I like are:  

  • Downloads theme so what you see is what it will look like
  • Integration and presentation of online galleries and video – I use Skydrive and albums are presented in a very professional way, videos on YouTube and easily embedded from the ribbon. Single images aren’t just embedded, they’re attractively given a border and slight shadow which makes a much more professional result.
  • Easy switching between blogs
  • It looks professional and modern to use, and it’s fast!!

I’ve trialled a number on the Mac but none come even close, even Blogsy I use on the iPad is way better than anything on the Mac. I can’t believe on such a popular system there isn’t anything better. Help!!!

Author: Neal

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  1. Mmm, after doing a bit of browsing it seems that nobody can find anything which is close to Windows Live Writer; the option seems to be to install Windows on a virtual machine within MacOS and run the software from within that.

    Not an ideal solution, but it gets the job done, and I suppose on a new Mac next year it’ll run very fast!!

    • Found the solution. MarsEdit for the Mac. Don’t get the theme downloaded, but otherwise it is an excellent piece of software. Also, not free, but hey ho!!

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