Classic 80s gaming


1181242142228I came across this this evening which I haven’t heard in ages. Fond memories of the arcades in Cleethorpes at BB summer camp . . .

I wonder if a video game has ever had a more iconic and memorable tune than this!!

Also didn’t realise it went on so long – perhaps I was so rubbish at the game I need heard it go past the first part.

I do remember the best driving game I play loads on the old Acorn A3000 was the 4th Dimension’s  E-type. For it’s time it had great graphics and sound. It’s a pity Jaguar’s so-called replacement the F-type, while being a really nice sports car, doesn’t have the same looks as the E-type.

Well, here ends a pretty random Friday night blog post . . .


Author: Neal

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